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Stuffed Green Pepper

stuffed green peppers

Stuff that healthy green pepper with meat choices and spices you can enjoy as an appetizer.

Strawberry Sorbet

strawberry sorbet1

Sorbet is a frozen sweet dessert that is made usually from fruit or fruit juices.

Crab Cakes

crab cakes

A rather peculiar seafood recipe that you can have as an appetizer, or as part of your lunch and dinner main course, but with a twist.

Hot Spiced Apple Juice

Hot Spiced Apple Juice 1

Apple juice made more exciting with the addition of spices. A perfect beverage to sip when the autumn afternoon runs chilly.

Hot Spiced Cereal


Check out this easy-to-prepare, vegetarian cereal meal.

French Toast with Cinnamon


A perfect way to start the day. The aroma that cinnamon brings helps relaxes the mind - a sweet morning treat.

Low-Sodium Recipes: What to Eat for Your Renal Diet

low sodium recipes

If you've been around long enough to read the articles on this blog, you're now probably aware that keeping your sodium in control is a great help to your kidneys.