We help kidney patients avoid dialysis.

Chronic kidney disease can be confusing.
But with the right scientifically-based coaching and diet support to help you make the right lifestyle choices, progression can be slowed and even 

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We are committed to improve the quality of life of people with CKD through

Clear, evidence-based, and personally relevant information on giving CKD a place in your life – without all the conflicting info you may find online

Practical renal diet tips from a Chef who managed to delay his dialysis by 20 years (& counting)

1-on-1 additional coaching support from a Renal Nutritionist with years of experience helping patients

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Renal Dietitian and Health Coach

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Duane Sunwold

Renal Chef and CKD Patient in Remission

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Epidemiologist with Nephrology focus

Nienke Flipsen

Biologist and Nephrology Market Researcher


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