Healthy Kidney Diet

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Going Vegetarian with Chronic Kidney Disease

CKD-friendly Vegetarian DietPerhaps you’ve been considering the idea of going vegetarian but you’re on the fence, thinking that the diet might not meet your nutritional needs.Well, the answer is a

The Ultimate Guide to Managing Your CKD in Summer

Managing CKD in SummerHydrating, blasting off the AC, and wearing loose clothing -- these are common quick fixes to cool down during a particularly hot day. However, people with Chronic Kidney

Chronic Kidney Disease Diet: Cooked or raw foods?

Eating well when you have kidney disease can help you to stay healthy and strong. Daily consumption of the recommended kinds and amounts of food for a kidney diet can

10 Doable Steps to Slow Down CKD

Learn what to do and what not to do to reduce your risk factors for kidney diseaseChronic Kidney Disease progression is preventable. You can take a dynamic role in taking

Are Processed Foods Good for Kidney Disease?

Processed foods are found just about everywhere. And it is easy to get confused about which foods are processed and which are not. But the question is: are processed foods

Indulge in these 5 Kidney-friendly Healthy Snacks

Feeling snacky? These easy snack selections are all kidney-friendly—and they taste great, too! Many health organizations, both government and civil society, work hand-in-hand to raise and promote awareness about kidney

Stress, CKD, and How You Can Deal With Both

CKD and Stress Having Chronic Kidney Disease can be stressful. In addition, being stressed can harm your kidneys. Almost all of the kidney disease patients we’ve come across and helped

Holiday Recipes for Your Renal Diet Needs

Thanksgiving is coming! Well, it’s still at least a month or two away, but you can never be too early to brush up on your cooking skills, especially for such

Renal Diet 101: Potatoes

It either lies beside your carved up turkey on Thanksgiving, arrives at your new neighbors doorstep as a welcoming gift, or just sits there on your dinner table for the

On the Rocks: How Alcohol Fits in Your Renal Diet

One of the most damaging habits a person could develop is alcohol addiction. Don’t get us wrong, alcohol is not all bad. Studies have indicated that alcohol can actually help