About Us

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and end-stage kidney disease (ESKD) patients comprise 13% of the population. For almost 50 years now, 40% of patients get to dialysis w/o knowing they can actually delay or prevent it. When they eventually dialyze, each patient costs $89,000/year with a 5-year survival rate of only under 50%.    

We aim to help patients delay or prevent dialysis through self-management and care organizations to minimize care utilization.


RenalTracker is a digital training, coaching & education program that helps patients save their kidneys while enabling care organizations to maximize shared savings. It’s an intersection between targeted patient acquisition, data science & psychological inoculation (a subset of Cognitive Behavior Therapy).

For most patients, our stage-appropriate programs aim to delay/prevent progression into dialysis for most; for some who do progress into dialysis, to choose transplant or home dialysis (cheaper/better outcomes) vs. in-center; and, for the rest, to deter hospitalizations.

What makes RenalTracker Unique

Here are what makes us unique:

1.) We generate our own novel data from patients we engage with online. By using this unique value source, we can scale gathering novel data if we acquire patients ourselves compared to getting them form an clinic setting. 

2.) We use a bottom-up go-to-market strategy where we meet patients where they are when they need help the most -- online. This is the opposite of what our competitors do: target top-to-bottom and start with care organizations first.

3.) Lastly, we use blended digital programs, and do not have brick and mortar clinics as with our competitors. This allows us to be very capital efficient and, at the same time, be able to apply our intangible assets on a global scale. 

Renaltracker's coaching program

The RenalTracker model for self-management in Chronic Kidney Disease or CKD is based on scientific models for health behavior, proven interventions to support behavior change, and learning. The domains for self-management in CKD are based on international guidelines for the management of CKD. While we used a different platform to scale our focus on content, coaching delivery and data gathering, we have not changed the product

RenalTracker Team

Jan van den Brand Phd

Chief Scientific Officer

Data Scientist, 10+ years Nephrology research focusing in longitudinal progression of kidney disease.

Ad Linssen

Chief Financial Officer

25-year CFO experience, Legal, Operations & Compliance, 1 Exit in digital health.

Kirby Binayao

Chief Executive Officer

Kidney RN & MBA, focus on acquisition & engagement of chronic patients, 1 Exit (Digital Marketing)

Ashwini Kumar

Data analyst

Data analyst, Masters in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics. Focused on data processing and analysis.