Healthy Kidney Habits

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Indulge in these 5 Kidney-friendly Healthy Snacks

Feeling snacky? These easy snack selections are all kidney-friendly—and they taste great, too!Many health organizations, both government and civil society, work hand-in-hand to raise and promote awareness about kidney diseases

Stress, CKD, and How You Can Deal With Both

CKD and StressHaving Chronic Kidney Disease can be stressful. In addition, being stressed can harm your kidneys.Almost all of the kidney disease patients we’ve come across and helped have complained

From One Disease to Another: How Diabetes Affects the Kidneys

DIABETES AND KIDNEY DISEASEThe human body is a complex piece of machinery, with interconnected systems and processes. Each one has a critical function, and a disease that throws one system

Weight Loss for CKD: What Works and What Doesn’t

Weight Loss for CKDLosing weight can often be hard for people. Part of this depends on your body's metabolism and your lifestyle. However, a great part of this can be

Safe Trip: Traveling Tips for CKD Patients

Practical Traveling Tips for CKD PatientsDo you like to travel?Some people do. Some like to visit the wild outdoors and go hiking or camping. Others like to go resort-hopping and

These Are 4 Easy-to-Do Exercises for CKD Patients

Exercises for CKD Patients Most of the articles we have in this blog have been promoting the renal diet and how you and your kidneys need it. But it's not

Learn How to Quit Smoking for Your Kidneys’ Sake

“Government warning: cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health.”Not a new thing to hear over the radio or the television. Smoking is bad. Smoking does kill. What people don't understand,

Start Creating Habits for Your Kidney Health in 6 Steps

Changing your lifestyle, especially after finding out you have kidney disease, can be a great task. No matter how much you want to do an immediate change, the subconscious will

4 Other Nutrients to Limit on Your Kidney Diet

You’re probably worried your doctor’s not telling you everything. And yes, apparently, you’re not the only one who thinks so. Most patients believe they’re not getting all the information they