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On the Rocks: How Alcohol Fits in Your Renal Diet

One of the most damaging habits a person could develop is alcohol addiction.Don’t get us wrong, alcohol is not all bad. Studies have indicated that alcohol can actually help prevent

Creatinine: What It Says About Your Kidneys

It's been discovered that your creatinine levels are fairly reliable indicators of your kidney function. High creatinine level in your system means you have damaged kidneys.Now, what are the normal

Learn How to Quit Smoking for Your Kidneys’ Sake

“Government warning: cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health.”Not a new thing to hear over the radio or the television. Smoking is bad. Smoking does kill. What people don't understand,

Start Creating Habits for Your Kidney Health in 6 Steps

Changing your lifestyle, especially after finding out you have kidney disease, can be a great task. No matter how much you want to do an immediate change, the subconscious will

4 Other Nutrients to Limit on Your Kidney Diet

You’re probably worried your doctor’s not telling you everything. And yes, apparently, you’re not the only one who thinks so. Most patients believe they’re not getting all the information they

CKD Evolution: The Stages of Chronic Kidney Disease

The human body’s kidneys aren’t usually paid much attention to. Most people think that the only function of our “bean-shaped bags” is to filter the assortment of waste products and