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From One Disease to Another: How Diabetes Affects the Kidneys

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The human body is a complex piece of machinery, with interconnected systems and processes. Each one has a critical function, and a disease that throws one system out of equilibrium can affect the other.

Weight Loss for CKD: What Works and What Doesn't


Losing weight can often be hard for people. Part of this depends on your body's metabolism and your lifestyle. However, a great part of this can be attributed to all the unhealthy foods we get everywhere now.

Here's How to Safely Gain Weight Even with CKD

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Often, people look for ways to lose weight.
With all the fatty and unhealthy foods around, it's no wonder why obesity is a very common condition among people nowadays.

Creatinine: What It Says About Your Kidneys

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It's been discovered that your creatinine levels are fairly reliable indicators of your kidney function. High creatinine level in your system means you have damaged kidneys.

Safe Trip: Traveling Tips for CKD Patients

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Do you like Travel?
Some people do. Some like to visit the wild outdoors and go hiking or camping. Others like to go resort-hopping and getting tanned on the beach. Still, a few would rather enjoy a leisurely drive across the country, just taking in the views, leaving all their cares behind them, even just for a while.

These Are 4 Easy-to-Do Exercises for CKD Patients


Most of the articles we have in this blog have been promoting the renal diet and how you and your kidneys need it. But it's not only proper dieting that's needed for a healthier lifestyle. 

4 Types of Meds to Avoid for Kidney Disease Patients


Having kidney disease means necessary lifestyle changes, especially on diet and nutrition. You have to be careful with what you eat or else you escalate your kidney condition.

Improve Your Kidney Lab Results with Renal Diet

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CKD, as you may well know, means that your kidneys are not working as well as they once did. It is often a progressive disease which means it can get worse over time.

3 Common Questions We Get About Kidney Diet

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Kidney dieting is a very effective way to manage renal diseases, without the need for medication or any other form of treatment. It helps you control your food portioning and ease up on certain nutrients that, if too much is taken in, may pose a threat to those little bean bags of yours.

Start Creating Habits for Your Kidney Health in 6 Steps


A pasta dish that can be enjoyed for snacks of as a side dish.