Slow down further kidney function loss and delay dialysis or transplants with this kidney dieting bundle below:

Renal Diet 101: Action Plan

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RenalTracker 12-Week Online Course

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Kidney Diet Secrets eBook

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The Kidney Diet Secrets eBook

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First, the Renal Diet 101: Action Plan. 

The Renal Diet 101: Action Plan will teach you exactly what foods you can eat and must avoid. You will be able to get started with kidney dieting. The action plan includes

  • Renal Diet Grocery Lists

  • Healthy Food Swaps

  • Kidney-Friendly Recipes

  • Easy to Print Daily Food Tracker and Journal

Second, the 12-Weeks of bite-sized lessons. 

  • Week 1 to Week 4: Establish a strong foundation of your CKD knowledge. Get tips for food substitutions. Learn how to control your Sodium intake and eventually your blood pressure. 
  • Week 5 to Week 8: You will learn about medications. What it does and why it's important. Control your Potassium intake levels. Get kidney-friendly recipes made by Chef Duane. 
  • Week 9 to Week 12: Keep your Protein and Phosphorus intake at the right levels. Learn how to put everything together and get rid of your kidney-damaging habits.

Lastly, the Kidney Diet Secrets eBook.

The Kidney Diet Secrets eBook will teach you everything you need to know about Chronic Kidney Disease. The eBook is easy to learn and jargon-free. Stop going through contradicting and unreliable information in the internet. The eBook also includes

  • A 7-Day Kidney Diet Meal Plan

  • 78+ Kidney-Friendly Recipes

How do you know if the RenalTracker program truly works?

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