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About the masterclass:

Get ready to challenge your own assumptions about what it takes to preserve kidney functions and live free from confusion on what to eat and avoid to prevent dialysis.

Here's some of What You’ll Learn in this webinar masterclass:
  • 5 Mistakes that confuse & overwhelm most patients  
    Get the real story on why most "kidney-friendly foods and cookbooks" you've read are actually wrong and why kidney experts desperately warn against them. 
  • How a simple, little-known 3-Step "FMP Framework" can correct those kidney-killing mistakes
    Learn how this research-based framework can help you personalize your management to prevent symptoms and flare-ups by focusing on correcting the root-cause of your problems.
  • What to do when you are feeling confused and need guidance 
    The easiest way to work with the best kidney experts in your area to help you with your diet and nutrition while paying mostly nothing.

Who is this for?

If any of the following sound like you, do yourself a favor and DO NOT miss this masterclass...

"I am worried about what to eat and avoid to keep my kidneys healthy"

If your research got you here, your worry is not from the lack of being proactive. You only need ONE simple, easy-to-follow guideline on what to eat and avoid. Then this is for you.

"I am overwhelmed and confused about the conflicting information i get online"

If you have read, watched, or consumed any of the conflicting information online, chances are you have been misled. Learn how and what you can do from here on out.    

"I want to live worry-free of dialysis"

The masterclass comes from different fields of expertise: behavior science, nephrology, and tons of research. If you're willing to apply what you will learn in the masterclass, this is for you. 

"I want to be healthy for my family"

The masterclass has been designed to integrate the teachings together with your family members. A lot of our course students eat healthier with their family. Together. 

Here's what others who used to be unsure of their kidney diet after the masterclass

Your help and info has made the difference! My GFR has gone from 56 to 58 in under 6 months! Hoping
to get back up above 70!? 
Thank You!!

Donald G CKD Stage 3a

Wanted to share my good news! My filtration rate has improved from 36 to 57 in the last3
months. I have lost 33 pounds in the last 4 months and my blood pressure is now averaging
110/70 and pulse is averaging 65. My diabetes seems under control and A1c has come downa
second time to 6.(originally 7.2, then 6.4) Have begun a simple gentle exercise program w/
trainer for gradual strength and cardio. Have tried to follow your advice in my eating although
have had no help yet from Nephrologist or dietitian. Thank you.

Deborah P - From CKD 3b to 3a in 3 months!

I went from GFR 26 to 35 after applying what I learned with Kirby and his team at RenalTracker!

I got control of my sodium, protein, potassium and phosphorus through the diet that I carefully prepare for myself and I also know how to read nutrition labels now. 

Thank you Kirby and RenalTracker team!

Gil M - Former Stage 4 patient.

About Kirby BInayao RN, MBA

I help 50+ kidney patients avoid dialysis. This masterclass is our kidney care team's culmination of almost a decade of helping kidney patients

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