Kidney Diet Nutrition

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Renal Diet 101: Noodles and Pasta

Ah, noodles and pasta. Those thin strands of heavenly goodness. From speedily dished takeouts to haute cuisine servings, noodles have taken various forms. But do  noodles still deserve a spot

Holiday Recipes for Your Renal Diet Needs

Thanksgiving is coming!Well, it’s still at least a month or two away, but you can never be too early to brush up on your cooking skills, especially for such a

Renal Diet 101: Ice Cream

Vanilla. Chocolate. Cookies n' Cream. Strawberry. Mint chocolate chip. Those are obviously some of the most famous and most favored ice cream flavors around the world. Some countries and cultures

Renal Diet 101: Potatoes

It either lies beside your carved up turkey on Thanksgiving, arrives at your new neighbors doorstep as a welcoming gift, or just sits there on your dinner table for the

Renal Diet 101: Pizza

Renal Diet 101: Pizza Most people, if not everyone, can’t deny having tasted at least a single slice of pizza. The sight and aroma of the combination of cheese, bell

Creatinine: What It Says About Your Kidneys

It's been discovered that your creatinine levels are fairly reliable indicators of your kidney function. High creatinine level in your system means you have damaged kidneys.Now, what are the normal

Low Potassium Food List for Your Renal Diet

Potassium Foods List Potassium is an important part of a person's health. However, a CKD patient like you may need to cut down on this nutrient. So here is a

Here’s Why Baking Soda is Good for Your CKD

Chronic Kidney Disease doesn't have any cure yet. However, through proper dieting and healthy lifestyle changes, it is possible to slow down kidney damage and delay dialysis.Now we've found that

Phosphorus: How to Keep It In Check

Fact: every nutrient we take into our body does, in some way, serve a purpose.For example, sodium helps the body regulate its fluids. Protein, on the other hand, mainly builds

Low-Sodium Recipes: What to Eat for Your Renal Diet

If you've been around long enough to read the articles on this blog, you're now probably aware that keeping your sodium in control is a great help to your kidneys.