The #1 Kidney Dieting Mistake You're Making and How To Fix It in 3 Steps

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Now, if you’re like most CKD patients who came to RenalTracker, you already know that your diet and nutrition plays an important role in keeping your lab results in check and ultimately delay or completely avoid dialysis.

And you may have the same goals like...

Just like Jennifer...

Or just like David...

Or even Mary...

…and based on what you answered on the previous page, you are just starting to read about kidney dieting. 

To do that, you have been searching for kidney food lists, meal plans, and recipes that are applicable to your unique needs. 

But the problem with focusing on searching for kidney diet tips on the internet is that you either.... 

End up with too much conflicting information that leads to “analysis paralysis”  or  too little actionable insights that are equally not useful.

So how do you know which ones are legitimate so you can weed out potentially harmful advice and tips?  

Let me show you what we teach thousands of CKD patients who came before you...

But first… let’s talk about kidney dieting.  

The fact is, Nephrology experts today agree that diet alone is simply not enough to delay dialysis.

Diet should only be a part of a lifestyle management program that’s systematically designed to delay or completely avoid dialysis.

…and here’s why:

According to a scientific study of more than 3,687 CKD patients from 36 countries done by Dr. van Biesen and his colleagues published in Nephrology journals, “64% of kidney patients do not remember receiving any training or education on how to manage their kidney disease in daily life”.

This means that while it’s vital... focusing on just diet alone, should only be one part of a step-by-step kidney management program to delay or avoid dialysis. 

The easiest way to delay dialysis is through a research-based, step-by-step program that has been recognized by Nephrology medical community & tested by thousands of patients before you

The biggest nephrology expert communities are:

…and this is how you separate untested and potentially harmful kidney recipes, advice and information from random websites you read from the internet vs what’s been recognized by the medical community

Now... if you really want to have a full kidney management program to successfully delay or avoid dialysis, the program that you should follow:

  • has to be Research-based
  • has to be recognized by these Nephrology organizations and most importantly…
  • has to be fit for your own specific needs and situations.

The third part is of most importance because after helping more than 36,000+ patients in RenalTracker, we’ve seen that no two kidney patients learn and apply kidney knowledge the same way.

Behavior psychology experts that specialize in kidney management call these “kidney mindset barriers”.

The more you recognize what your kidney mindset barriers are, the more you can adapt the way you learn -- whether it be by an online kidney program through videos or text, talking a kidney coach, or be it active discussions with other patients in a kidney community.

…and by knowing your own “kidney mindset barriers”, you are able to systematically learn and apply your new kidney knowledge to your specific needs and situations. 

And that’s how you follow a kidney management program to delay or avoid dialysis and not just kidney dieting.  

And this same process has been tested & proven by thousands of patients who used to be in the same position as you are now…

Just like...

Proof Case #1: Mary M.

Proof Case #2: Rob S.

Proof Case #3: Elmore N.

Now... if you liked what you have learned so far, we have a Free kidney management webinar training called...

“How to delay or completely avoid dialysis through the award-winning '3-Step RenalTracker System' without giving up your favorite foods”

It’s a little known, research-based program we designed after working with more than 36,000+ CKD patients who came before you since 2017.

The free kidney management webinar training will be about 1 hour long and will teach you about:

  • The top 3 kidney diet mistakes patients make when trying to delay dialysis that accelerates kidney function decline (avoid these at all costs!) 
  • How to identify negative “Kidney Mindset Barriers” that stop kidney patients from doing kidney healthy practices and how to overcome them
  • The easiest and fastest way to manage your kidney numbers starting on the same day (get rid of all the confusion)
  • And more...

It’s also the result of us teaming up with world-renowned Nephrology experts & researchers from Harvard Medical, Indiana University, Mayo Clinic and Radboud University.

Jan van den Brand, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

 Data Scientist

Kidney epidemiologist, Data Scientist

Joseph Bonventre, MD, PhD

Former President,

American Society of Nephrology


Harvard-MIT Health Sciences

and Technology

Jay B. Wish, MD


Indiana University Health - Nephrology

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