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On the Rocks: How Alcohol Fits in Your Renal Diet

One of the most damaging habits a person could develop is alcohol addiction.Don’t get us wrong, alcohol is not all bad. Studies have indicated that alcohol can actually help prevent

Watch Out, These Foods Add to Your Daily Fluid Limit!

You may have already read our blog article about drinks and liquids allowed for kidney patients, if you haven’t, check it out here.If you have, then welcome to Part 2.

4 Types of Meds to Avoid for Kidney Disease Patients

Patients Should Avoid these Medication for Kidney DiseaseHaving kidney disease means necessary lifestyle changes, especially on diet and nutrition. You have to be careful with what you eat or else

Learn How to Quit Smoking for Your Kidneys’ Sake

“Government warning: cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health.”Not a new thing to hear over the radio or the television. Smoking is bad. Smoking does kill. What people don't understand,

10 Common Habits You May Have that Damage Kidney Function

I am willing to bet that all of us, at some point, worked so hard on something in order to avoid the chances of failure. Whether it was studying so