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Sodium. It’s in our favorite snacks, meals, and even some drinks. 

But when navigating the CKD journey, understanding sodium’s role becomes crucial. You’ve been asking, and we’ve been listening. 

Here’s a glimpse of your fellow dialysis defiers community members’ questions:

1. “Coach Ginny, how much sodium is safe for someone with CKD stage 3?”

2. “I love salty snacks. Are there any kidney-friendly alternatives?”

3. “How does sodium impact blood pressure in CKD patients?”

4. “Can I use salt substitutes? Are they safe?”

5. “Is sea salt better than regular table salt for CKD patients?”

**Let’s demystify sodium for you, [Recipient Name].**

📊 **Sodium and CKD**: Sodium intake can affect blood pressure and kidney function. The recommended amount can vary based on individual health and CKD stage. However, KDOQI guidelines suggest less than 2,000mg of sodium daily for a CKD 3 patient. That’s roughly 1 tablespoon of salt.

🍟 **Salty Snack Substitutes**: Yes, there are kidney-friendly alternatives. Opt for snacks labeled “low sodium” and always check nutrition labels.

💓 **Blood Pressure Balance**: Excessive sodium can elevate blood pressure, further stressing the kidneys. It’s essential to monitor and manage intake.

🔄 **Salt Substitutes**: Some substitutes might be okay, but many contain potassium. Always consult your healthcare provider before making a switch.

🌊 **Sea Salt vs. Table Salt**: While sea salt contains some minerals, sodium is similar to table salt. It’s about quantity, not just quality.

Your health is individual, [Recipient Name]. While there are general guidelines, it’s about finding what’s right for *you* in your CKD journey.


Coach Ginny Marks, RD  

*Head Kidney Coach at RenalTracker*

P.S. Sodium is just one of many dietary aspects to consider with CKD — and often times, they linger in food items you least expect them. 

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