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The protein confusion is real.

From gym enthusiasts to health buffs, everyone’s talking about it. But when it comes to kidney health and defying dialysis, the stakes are different. (by the way, check the PS section below… I gave you a protein cheat sheet for kidney patients)

Here’s some of the most recurring protein questions you have sent us: 

1. “Ginny, is too much protein bad for your kidneys?”

2. “I’ve read about low-protein diets for CKD. Are they safe?”

3. “Coach, can I still eat my favorite meats in CKD stage 3?”

4. “How do plant-based proteins like tofu and beans factor into a kidney diet?”

5. “What’s the deal with protein supplements and kidney health?”

Let’s tackle the protein predicament. Once and for all.

💪 Protein’s Role: Your body needs protein. It’s crucial for muscle repair, immune functions, and more. But quantity and quality matter.

🍗 Meats in Moderation: Yes, you can still enjoy your meats, but in controlled portions. Opt for lean cuts and watch the cooking methods.

🌱 Plant-Based Proteins: Foods like tofu and beans are protein-rich. But they come with other nutrients that you should monitor, like potassium.

💊 Supplements? Tread Carefully: Not all protein powders are created equal. If considering supplements, always consult with a healthcare professional.

Knowledge is power. The more evidence-based knowledge you know, the better choices you will make.


Coach Ginny Marks, RD  

Head Kidney Coach at RenalTracker

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P.P.S. As a guide for you, I aggregated some research-based, most common protein sources — just for you! You can download it on here. Print it out, and you have all kidney protein answers you need. Hope this helps!  

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