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You might have heard the term “CKD Stage” thrown around a lot when you first heard about CKD from your doctor. What does it really mean? What should you really care about? 

Here’s a peek at what some of you have been asking:

1. “Coach Ginny, I just got diagnosed with CKD Stage 3. What does this mean for my diet and lifestyle?”

2. “Are there specific foods I should avoid in Stage 4?”

3. “Ginny, My doctor says I’m in Stage 2. Should I be worried?”

4. “How different is the treatment for CKD Stage 5?”

5. “What are the primary precautions for someone in Stage 1?”

Let’s break it down simply.

💡 Stages Simplified: CKD has five stages. Each stage represents how well your kidneys are working. Stage 1 is the mildest, and Stage 5 is the most severe. The more you become passive, the more severe it gets.

🍽️ Diet and Stages: Your dietary needs change as you move through stages. The later the stage, the more proactive you have to be with your diet.

🔍 Treatment Variations: As the stages progress, treatment needs intensify. It’s crucial to stay informed and work closely with your healthcare provider.

Understanding your CKD stage is empowering. It gives you control, knowledge, and the tools to manage your health better.


Coach Ginny Marks, RD  

Head Kidney Coach at RenalTracker

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