Award-winning program Masterclass:

"Want a kidney care team to help you avoid dialysis?

...without wasting time, money, or further kidney decline"

Take the confusion out of avoiding dialysis.

Making sense of how to correctly stabilize kidney numbers is complicated –- but it doesn’t have to be. Thanks to the personalized support from a complete kidney care team at your side at each step.

RenalTracker is an award-winning coaching program to help you or your loved one get started without wasting time, money, or further kidney function decline.

WATCH BELOW: The "3-Step RenalTracker System" awarded by  the American Society of Nephrology for its program on avoiding dialysis.


  • Chronic Kidney Disease Stages 3, 4 or 5 patients, family member or caregivers that want to delay or avoid going into dialysis.
  • You want to know what foods to eat and avoid for kidney disease. 
  • You want to take control of your kidney numbers.
  • You who STILL has been left confused by your doctor and want to learn more about your kidney condition. 
  • You are recently (weeks to several months) diagnosed and don’t know what to do, where to start, and whether or not you’re doing things right.
  • You need gentle yet straight to the point help as you go through this journey.


  • You DON'T value the time, energy or resources to invest in your own health and well-being. 
  • You are NOT WILLING to apply what you will learn here today.
  • Neither Chef Duane's or our other patients' results are typical. The people you're going to hear about are hardworking kidney patients who put in effort and did the work. The effort and therefore results you get rests upon you...

Awards and Press

Organized by:

Developed with top experts in the field

Dr. James McCarthy


Mayo Clinic

Dr. Yori Gidron

Professor of Medical Psychology


Jan Van Den Brand, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer,

Kidney Epidemiologist,

Data Scientist

Chef Duane Sunwold

“The CKD Chef” Patient Mentor & Speaker

National Kidney Foundation

Joseph Bonventre, MD, PhD

Former President, American Society of Nephrology

Professor, Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology

Maria McDonough

Vice President, Former Clinical

Service, CDI Health

Jay B. Wish, MD

Nephrologist, Indiana University 

Health - Nephrology

David Ngo

Pioneer from Stanford Behavior


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