Your #1 Kidney-Killing Mistake:

Mismatch between your unique condition vs a "one-size-fits-all" approach you're currently following.

This is not uncommon in your stage. A significant portion of patients who come to us for help have this problem as well. Fortunately for you, this can still be fixed if you act sooner than later so you can start getting the expert support you need. Watch the video of RenalTracker co-founder as he explains how successful patients before you were able to easily correct those mistakes so you can correctly start avoiding dialysis as early as today: 

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'RenalTracker Coaching is a God-Send... I went from Stage 3 back to Stage 2!

When I was first diagnosed back in about October of 2019. This was the first support I became aware of. Renal Tracker is exactly what I needed when I was first diagnosed because it was a structured guideline that I could follow specifically and get started with immediately. And it was easy to stay up with.

So many people newly diagnosed with diabetes and/or kidney disease are left adrift at the beginning because they aren't given instructions right away as to "What do I do now?" until they see a specialist.

It takes some time but it´s so worth it for my health! Thank you! 

Jenny M

68 years old // CKD Stage 3 + Diabetes

See why participants are loving the RenalTracker Coaching Program:

Your help and info has made the difference! My GFR non AA has gone from 56 to 58 in under 6 months! Hoping
to get back up above 70!? 
Thank You!!

Donald G CKD Stage 3a

Wanted to share my good news! My filtration rate has improved from 36 to 57 in the last3
months. I have lost 33 pounds in the last 4 months and my blood pressure is now averaging
110/70 and pulse is averaging 65. My diabetes seems under control and A1c has come downa
second time to 6.(originally 7.2, then 6.4) Have begun a simple gentle exercise program w/
trainer for gradual strength and cardio. Have tried to follow your advice in my eating although
have had no help yet from Nephrologist or dietitian. Thank you.

Deborah P - From CKD 3b to 3a in 3 months!

I went from GFR 26 to 35 after applying what I learned with Ginny and the RenalTracker program. 

I got control of my sodium, protein, potassium and phosphorus through the diet that I carefully prepare for myself and I also know how to read nutrition labels now. 

Thank you Coach Ginny and RenalTracker team!

Gil M - Former Stage 4 patient.

Jackie from Canberra, Australia:

"...within just 2.5 weeks, my GFR increased from 23 to 25 and my creatinine improved from 210 to 200"

Rochelle from West Coast, USA

"I realized was doing everything all wrong before RenalTracker!"

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