The Renal Tracker Blog: You Will Learn  Renal Dieting and the ECS Method.

Start Your Own Renal Diet Using Renal Tracker's E-C-S Method

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What is the E-C-S Method?

Evidence-based Knowledge

You need to start with what you know. This will set a solid foundation for what your about to learn and will be setting you up to a more open-minded approach because you are relying on evidence-based knowledge and not just any unreliable information online.

Customized Kidney Dieting

From what you know, we go to how you will do it. This is divided into two steps and the first one is changing your normal diet into a proper renal diet that's for you. It will be difficult. Starting is the easy part, it's consistency that makes it very effective. 

Support from People Who Care

For step two of how you will do it, it's about support. You can't do it alone. That is why we are constantly looking for people to join our  community of patients, nurses, dietitians, and etc., to create an environment that will make sure we all succeed together.

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