"The 5 Kidney-Damaging Mistakes that Kidney Specialists Warn Against

...and How to Use The "KPP Framework" to Stop Further Kidney Decline within 12 Weeks or Less"

About the KPP Framework Masterclass:

For CKD Stages 2, 3, 4 and early 5 patients who need expert help coming up with a diet & nutrition regimen personalized to preserve kidney health and match their other conditions.

Discover the mistakes most kidney patients make that deteriorate kidney functions faster and how you can manage your kidney health with other conditions -- in our comprehensive masterclass by our Co-Founder and Nephrology Expert Kirby Binayao, RN. 

Your Host & Nephrology Expert:

Kirby Binayao BSN, RN

Co-Founder, RenalTracker & KidneyX Awardee

What you’ll discover on this masterclass:

  • Get rid of 7 Mistakes that confuse & overwhelm most patients  - Get the real story on which "kidney-friendly" foods and diets actually support your kidney health and why moderation matters.
  •  3 "Cant-Miss" Essential Strategies to preserve kidney functions - How the Kidney Preservation Protocol Can Halt Progression and Reclaim Your Energy
  • Research-based way to "Customize Your CKD Diet" for YOU - Learn to tailor your nutrition plan to your unique needs, helping you manage your condition and improve your quality of life.

Slots on the live webinar are limited! Secure your seat now and join us live for the masterclass that will change the way you think about conversion rate optimization...

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