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My GFR went from 26 to 31...

I love the meal plans that was created by my kidney coach! I never thought plant-based foods can be so easily made. I am in the process of transitioning from regular to vegatarian and eventually vegan.
My GFR went from 26 to 31 in3weeks. Pretty excited with all the changes I have made and oh, I also lost 6 lbs

Thank you!

ERICA M, 62  //  CKD 3 from Denver Colorado

I went from GFR 25 to 41 after the program... I'm ecstatic about RenalTracker!

I went to my md today and I increased my gfr from twenty five to forty one and I am now stage three from stage four. I am ecstatic! My doctor asked me how I did it and I told her about RenalTracker. I expressed that it was the best way to get your feet wet. I am so grateful for this program. My doctor, Dr [redacted], works at [redacted] Care in Orange Park, FL near Jacksonville. The
clinic phone number is [redacted]. She wants to educate her kidney patients with RenalTracker. Thanks again!

JENNIFER P, 57 //  CKD 4 from Orange Park, Florida