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I just wanted to take a second to say hello and welcome you to the RenalTracker 7-Day Kidney Dieting Course!

Before anything else, I want to let you know that this course was created for a very specific type of person. A person with the intention to change their lifestyle and improve their kidney condition to delay dialysis. 

What you're about to learn from this 7-Day Kidney Dieting Course is going to help you achieve your kidney health goals. I know this because we’ve been working with 21,630+ Renal Coachees since 2014, all through online support!

To give you an example, here are two success stories that I received this week from my coachees:

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Your own success story can be possible but it has to begin with your willingness to take positive action – such as making the most of this 7-Day Kidney Dieting Course.

Because if there’s one thing that I learned from working with my Renal Coachees, it’s this: 

The patients who are actively engaged, are the ones who get the most positive results.

According to BMC Health Services Research on the Effects of Proactive Population-Based Nephrologist Oversight (PPNO) on Progression of Chronic Kidney Disease, “...the overall effect of proactive population-based nephrologist oversight was statistically significant. The post-PPNO period showed less severe progression. In particular, significantly more individuals remained in stage 3A after three years.”

This means that with the appropriate care management for Renal Coachees like yourself, it slows down the progression of kidney disease. 

That being said, you’re probably wondering how we’re going to help your kidneys stay healthier ...

1. We sent you a copy of the Renal Cooking eBook in your email, that will help you learn more about kidney diet. Make sure you download a copy! 

2. Check your emails everyday this week.

3. Partner with local kidney health experts. 

Currently, we’re working closely together with kidney health experts that play a big role in helping you achieve your kidney health goals to educate and improve your awareness of your kidney condition - to improve your kidney functions.

But, we may also need your participation for this to get there.

So, if you want to learn more and be a part of not only an informative but also transformative learning process, click on the button below!

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If you have any trouble downloading the eBooks, or if you have any qurstions, just message us at and a member of our support team will help you.

Here's to your health!

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