"The #1 Mistake Most CKD Patients Make When Meal Planning to Avoid Dialysis

...and How to Fix it in 3 Simple Steps"

What You’ll learn in this exclusive "by private invite only" training:

If you've ever tried researching your way about foods to eat and avoid, you've probably heard about "Kidney Dieting will avoid dialysis" on its own circulating online. 

That's often a misunderstood mistake. 

...and is probably why you're still looking for answers.

What you really need to know is that after helping more than 40,000+ CKD patients since 2015, we found that there are 3 crucial research-backed and scientifically based components that you need to take into account to make effective meal planning to help you avoid dialysis as easy, as fast, and as safe as possible.    

We call it the "CCM Kidney Meal Planning Framework".

...and if you qualify to join, you will discover the following:

Learn the #1 mistake most CKD patients make when trying to learn kidney dieting through meal planning to help avoid dialysis.

Find out how 20+ CKD patients successfully improved their GFR, Creatinine and managed their co-morbities by having a personalized meal planning process. 

Discover how to know if you have been "trapped" by confusing and conflicting kidney diet information online and how to easily correct them. 

Find out why you feel you are not getting the most out of your care provider and learn how to fix it starting immediately with your next doctor's visit. 

Learn about the importance of knowing and classifying your rate of kidney function decline and why it's a fundamental fact that nobody told you about. 

Discover how the "CCM Kidney Meal Planning Framework" can help you make your meal planning as easy as possible.

Your Webinar Host:

Kirby Binayao RN, MBA

As a co-founder of RenalTracker, Kirby has been an advocate of helping kidney patients "avoiding dialysis as long as possible, as much as possible" since 2015. 

Over the years, he and his diverse team of kidney experts and nephrology researchers has been designing programs and helped more than 40,000+ CKD patients on how to avoid dialysis.

RenalTracker won the KidneyX award recognized by the American Society of Nephrology and was presented in Washington, DC. In addition, the clinical validation team of RenalTracker also presented its findings in ERA-EDTA, the largest nephrology congress in the EU. Moving forward, the team has an upcoming validation study with Harvard Medical. 

By going through this exclusive training, you are able to make use of the vast experience the whole team has in helping kidney patients who used to be in your position and successfully improved their kidney numbers.  

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