Happy Monday!

Navigating your way through CKD can often feel like a maze. 🌀 

The overwhelming amount of information available online about what to eat and how to keep your GFR from worsening can leave you feeling lost and confused.

Here’s some of the most frequent questions we received:
1. “Is it safe to drink green tea daily with CKD?” 🍵
2. “Are artificial sweeteners safe for kidney patients?” 🍬
3. “Is it safe to consume dairy in CKD stage 3?” 🥛
4. “I’ve heard mixed things about turmeric. Is it safe for CKD?” 🌾
5. “My friend recommended a herbal supplement for kidney health. Is it safe?” 🌿

And these are just the tip of the iceberg.

What you truly desire is a beacon of clarity amidst the chaos – a set of reliable, research-based strategies tailored to your unique needs that help you maintain your kidney health and veer away from the road to dialysis.

But why does this confusion exist in the first place? 

Well, the reason is the sheer volume of information available out there – with varying degrees of reliability. The lack of personalized guidance can make it feel like you’re trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Here’s a counter-intuitive solution to consider: 

Instead of trying to sift through all that information yourself, why not leverage the expertise of professionals who have been studying and working in the field of kidney health for years? 

In the coming days, we have something special to share that will provide you with a wealth of kidney nutrition knowledge personalized to your unique needs, demystifying the do’s and don’ts. 

Remember, while general guidelines exist, your CKD journey is uniquely yours. It’s about finding what’s safe and beneficial for *you*. 🌟

Stay tuned!

Coach Ginny Marks, RD  
Head Kidney Coach at RenalTracker

P.S. The myriad of safety questions underscores the need for tailored advice. I gave you research-based food lists already. But having that list is not enough. You need access to kidney experts to verify what you’re eating is safe for your particular situation. 

P.P.S. In Defy Dialysis 2.0: CKD Patient’s Daily Diet Guide to Stable Kidney Functions“, not only will you get the knowledge, you will also get exclusive email access support so you can reply directly to the emails we send and kidney nurses and dietitians will reply! 🤯 Stay tuned!