Congratulations on securing a slot on the

RenalTracker Avoiding Dialysis Meal Planning Program!

Here are the 2 steps that you need to do right now:

Step 1: Watch out for the onboarding video we will send you in the next 12-24 hours

Our staff will record a personalized video specifically for you to get the most out of the program. We will also customize it based on the cohort you're in   

Please expect to receive an email with with a video link from us within the following working day (except weekend and holidays)

Step 2 - Prepare your questions for your kidney coach

We want to make sure that you immediately get to solve your most pressing questions with your coach on the first week. So while preparing for the onboarding call, prepare your questions already for your coach by listing them down.

Some examples our users ask are: 

- What are the foods to eat and avoid? 

- How to prepare meals that are kidney friendly?   

It will help your interaction with her much more clearer and productive.

See you inside the program!

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